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Directorate-General Enlargement

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B - Coordination of Negotiations and Pre-accession: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey
B1 - Coorination of negotiations and Pre-accession

Brussels, 8 October 2003
B1.FCD56088 (2003)
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18th OCTOBER, 2003

Dear Mr. McNeill,

In your email of 11 August 2003 addressed to President Romano Prodi (copied to Vice President Neil Kinnock and a number of other Commissioners) you state that you have not received any resply to your communication of 14 May 2003 concerning fraud, racial discrimination and failure to provide equal rights for Roma in acceding countries.

In this context I would like to refer to a letter sent to you already on 5 June 2003 by Eneko Lanaburu, Director General for Englargement (copy is enclosed).

Sincerely yours,
Ricardo Pascual Bremon

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Mr. H. McNeill
European Committee on Romani Emancipation
European Economic Interest Grouping
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