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Reports & Updates

Please note that details on additional information and updates on our original (field work 2001-2002) Special School Report are provided in the table at the bottom of this page. There is also a report access button in the right hand column of the table. Significant parts of this report, with updates are now being added to our current work including:

The European Parliamentary Petitions Committee

One of the most shocking experiences of institutional abuse was the treatment given to the case of the Roma children by the European Parliamentary Petitions Committee. A report (pdf format) on the collective and irresponsible behaviour of these European politicians is provided here: Some reasons why the European Parliamentary Petitions Committee should be scrapped

The real costs of policies based on racism

Most work currently in preparation consists of advancing the analysis concerning the economic implications of corrupt practice in the European Union institutions, governments and the judiciary on:
  • abusing minority (Roma) children through segregation
  • denying minority (Roma) children access to adequate education
  • denying minority (Roma) children certification to follow subsequent professional training
  • depressing the standard of living of all European citizens
  • putting at risk the individual freedom of all European citizens
by quantifying:
  • the negative economic impacts of institutional abuse on minority communities (Roma)
  • the negative economic impacts of institutional abuse on the whole of Europan society
SEEL (Systems Engineering Economics Lab) will publish during August 2007 general estimates of Central European Member State economic shorfalls in GNPs associated with frank unabashed racist policies. Current estimates are some Euro 50 billion annually. This exceeds the "compensatory" grants paid to these same governments by the European Commission from the central European budget. It would seem that as long as this money flows no one is going to ask why so much public money is being paid out to compensate for massive losses arising from national policies founded on an open contravention of European Law and human cruelty. Financial and legal audits on the use of such European Budget allocations remain the responsibility of the European Commission.

Other work continues on population numbers, economic and financial implications of educational and training deficits and preliminary reports can be seen at the Cigány Economy Simulation System . All previous general reports are being audited and revised by SEEL.
Current Status

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The Impact of Special Schools on the Roma in central Europe - A case of wilful criminal neglect & professional incompetence
Brussels - 26 February 2003
This document remains for public viewing as a record of the understanding of the situation of special schools at the time of completion of field work undertaken by ECRE.

However further investigation has shown that our initial description of the evolution of the special schools over-looked the fact that in 1989 remedial schools used for children with special needs were rapidly transformed into the types of special school which existed during the Third Reich. Even the administration is virtually identical.

Our HLE statistics on numbers of Roma children, allowing for our admission of +/- 20% limits, were over-estimated by 15%in Hungary, and maybe by 40% in the cases of the Czech republic and Slovakia. We had estimated 210,000 for Central Europe in February 2003 or an HLE range of from 158,000 to 252,000 and the current (March 2004) estimate is some 150,000. So our original low estimate was some 5.5% in excess.

It goes without saying that the detailed statistics are of little importance when advocating the closure of these schools simply because the orders of magnitude are so large and the system is so repulsive and a constant reminder of the past Nazi passage which impacted the lives of so many Roma and Jewish children; such a system should not exist for even one child. Naturally our term closure refers to the termination of placing children of normal intelligence into such regimes of segregation and no useful education so as to blight the futures of these children. On the other hand there should be appropriate provisions for any children with learning difficulty.

We are monitoring the machinations of authorities and so far they are still substituting words for action. This criminal activity still continues.

We are updating this report with sections detailing the aspects of illegality of the behaviour of governments and the European Union institutions concerning this matter
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