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Legal Structure of the European Committee on Romani Emancipation


ECRE, the European Committee on Romani Emancipation, was organized in June 1999 and incorporated in April, 2000. ECRE is formed under the terms of European Council Regulation Number 2137/85 (European Union). Under this Regulation, ECRE is a European Organization with equivalent operational status in all member states of the European Union. ECRE is registered under the United Kingdom Statutory Instrument 1989/638 on the European Economic Interest Grouping Regulations 1989. ECRE is a non profit making organization.


ECRE's registered office is at 128 Copnor Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire P03 5AN, United Kingdom.

Operational infrastructure

Besides a London headquarters, ECRE maintains a permanent representation in Brussels for liaison with the European Parliament, the services of the European Commission and other bodies. This office coordinates the monitoring and assessment of the status of the Roma within the European Union and EU accession countries. The general objectives are outlined in the about ECRE section

Basis of work

ECRE operates on the basis of working committees whose membership is made up of individuals with professional competence, selected according to the purpose of the work groups.

Overall management

Overall management of ECRE and of working committee formation and coordination is provided by a small Management Committee made up of the founders of ECRE. The ECRE Management Committee consists of Marko Courbet, Hector McNeill and Len Smith.

The contents of the certificate of incorporation of ECRE are represented below:

Contents of certificate of registration of ECRE