The European Committee on Romani Emancipation (ECRE) works in accord with the Audit Commission International Transparency Standards (ACITS). Under our obligations to uphold these standards we are required to introduce alterations to published reports to reflect the acquisition of new facts and information as well as to correct any misrepresentations resulting from errors in numeric calculations. ECRE welcomes comments from anyone on the content of any report with a view to improving the quality of factual content.

Document: ECRE(2003) 002
Subtitle: A case of wilful criminal neglect & professional incompetence
Date of publication: 26 February 2003

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Record of updates

Date: 17th March 2003
Documents: Introduced to web and hard copy editions

Roma report review committee

As part of the project quality control and editorial review process translations of the original report were distributed to members of the Roma community with a request for feedback on:
  • the report's overall representation of the situation of the Special schools, as reflected in their local communities
  • any issues of clarity within the report
Because most Roma reviewers did no have access to either telephones nor email facilities use was made of the postal system or copies were brought physically to ECRE representatives. All feedback was received on Wednesday 12th March 2003.


Although overall content has been judged to reflect the state of affairs surrounding the Special schools the section on economics was, on the whole, judged to be difficult to understand. In particular paragraphs 154 through 208.

Audit Commission

ECRE has also received separate comments from the Audit Commission who judged the criticisms of the Roma reviewers to be fully justified in so far as the wording in this section was not clear and some of the tables somewhat confusing.

The Audit Commission also drew our attention to (1) the fact that the upper population growth rate for Roma used by ECRE was too high and that (2) the final paragraphs referring to post-school human resources planning challenge was not clear enough.

Re-issue of section paragraphs 154 through 220

As a result of this feedback ECRE has completed an analytical and editorial review and has re-written the whole of the end of the Report to take this feedback into account. We have rewritten the report from the original paragraph 154 through to the end of the Report which now ends on paragraph 220.

Please note that this re-write is so comprehensive that there is not much point in producing a tabulation of previous text and replacement texts. We therefore advise all interested parties to download a new copy.
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