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Mr Hector McNeill
European Committee on Romani Emancipation
128 Copnor Road

Strasbourg, 4 June 2003

Subject: Complaini refermice 955/2003/GG

Dear Mr McNeill,

Thank you for your communication of 28-05-2003.

Your complaint to the European Ombudsman has been given the registration number 955/203/GG. It will be dealt with by Mr. Gerhard Grill (Tel: 0033 (0) 3 88 17 2423).

The Ombudsman can only make inquiries into complaints that meet the criteria for admissibility set out in the Treaty establishing the European Community and the Statutes of the Ombudsman. You will be informed as soon as possible about the admissibility of your complaint.

Please note that complaints to the European Ombudsman (and any annexed documents) are dealt with publicly unless the complainant requests confidentiality. Even a confidential complain must be sent to the Community institution or body concerned if the Ombudsman begins an inquiry. The attached note contains further information including reference to the rules concerning protection of personal data.

Please note that as set out in Art. 2 p 6 of the Statute of the European Ombudsman, complaints submitted to the Ombudsman ahall not affect time limits for appeals in administrative or judicial proceedings.

Yours sincerely,
(signed pp)
Joao Sant'Anna

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